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MP3OCX ActiveX Control for VB Programmers

This control allows developers to create their own MP3 Player, Tag Editor or Mixer in Visual Basic. It has advanced playback controls (like: Play, Pause, Stop, Seek, Speed and Volume).
MP3Ocx can also view the MPEG information and view/edit and remove tags.
This version has the ability to play multiple MP3 files at the same time using more controls. 
It includes a VB 5 and 6 example and a Documentation. 

Scott Daughtry from Stealthware Software wrote a demo for use of the control with Clarion 6, Click here for more.

- Advanced playback controls
- Playback speed settings
- Internal volume settings

- ID3 Tag reading and saving
- MPEG file info viewing

Minimum System Requirements
- Windows 95
- Pentium 100
- 16 MB RAM Memory
- 16 bits Sound Card
- Visual Basic 5 runtime files

- MPEG Layer 3 (upto bitrate: 192 kbps)

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